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May 8, 2007

One door closes, one door opens

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So, uh… turns out you won’t be seeing me regularly in The District, after all. I’ll probably continue to contribute the occasional article, but my byline will no longer adorn the Film Events column. I will, however, be OC Weekly‘s regular fine arts critic, starting in an issue or two. It’ll be hard to get used to not writing about movies anymore, but it’ll be great if all that time I spent in art school turns out to actually be good for something.

I think my OC Weekly column, It’s a Living, is probably dead. I honestly loved doing that column, and it’s been a joy to introduce you to Southern California’s hardworking mortuary makeup artists, taxidermists, celebrity impressionists, et al.


April 18, 2007

So much drama in the LBC

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I keep trying to think up some clever way to announce it, but it’s late and I’m tired and I should just get this over with. So:

I am now writing for The District, the new Long Beach paper started by OC Weekly‘s founder, Will Swaim. There have been a lot of staff shakeups at OC Weekly lately and it all got very alarming for a while, but in the end I think it’s all worked out very well. It always bothered me that Long Beach, my hometown, was outside the coverage area of both OC Weekly and LA Weekly and didn’t have a weekly paper of its own. We’ve needed a paper like The District for a long time, and Will is honestly just the guy I’d want at the healm.

Right now I’m basically writing my old OC Weekly column, “Special Screenings”, under a new name: “Film Events”. (I know… Imaginative, huh?) I’ll admit it, I did miss writing blurbs for all those Rocky Horror screenings and surfing documentaries. I’ve been blurbing movies since 19-freakin’-95, and it was tough to go cold turkey! Right now “Film Events” is my only job at The District, but we’ve been talking about some more ambitious things and hopefully I’ll have exciting news to report soon.

(NOTE: That title should not be construed as an endorsement of the odious “Snoop Dog” or the even more odious phrase “LBC,” but was used purely because I suck at coming up with titles and the sun is almost up and I want to go to bed already. Thank you.)

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